Training Day is the result of over three years of obsessively writing and testing workouts—short and long, light and heavy, high skilled and low skilled, and everything in-between. Each workout is intended to be both fun and effective—and of course, sometimes grueling!

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Training Day is packed with over 400 original WODs. The workouts are split into eleven different categories, each of which is intended to have a unique physical and mental stimulus.

• Chippers • Interval/EMOMs • Couplets • Triplets • AMRAPs • Bodyweight • Gymnastics • For Time • Partner • Running • Long Interval Running •

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"This is a great reference to have in constructing your WODs. With over 400 easy to follow cross training workouts, you will never get bored with the same routine. The author also breaks each WOD into relevant categories which makes choosing your WOD easy to find. This organization makes it user friendly when you are structuring your WODs to align with your fitness goals. Great book!!"

-Arthur Betos, Los Angeles, CA

Very simple and easy to create your own WOD's. I have a wrist injury right now and this has been great for days when my box has workouts i can't complete or when I want something a bit different. SOme are super challenging and some are easier for beginners. Love it.

Amazon Customer

I love this book!! Simple, easy to follow WODs. Lots and lots of options.
Thank you!!

Roberta Sutton, Cumming, GA

Ordered the electronic edition on a whim and am very pleased. It's well written and organized. It is divided into sections that provide information on the kinds of WODs and then numerous examples of that type. It is an excellent resource for new and experienced coaches and athletes.

H Stafford, Palm Bay, FL

Great book for home WODS. This book covers it all.




Don’t leave your training to chance. You need proven workouts that test every aspect of your fitness. That’s exactly what Training Day delivers!