(PREORDER) Training Day, Volume II: 450+ More Original WODs to Incorporate in Your Training

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Volume II picks up where the original Training Day book left off; another 450+ original WODs to incorporate in your training! This time, we’ve spiced it up a bit and added a few new categories including Prep, Strength, and Endurance (running, rowing, bike, SkiErg) WODs.

As always, the workouts are fun, effective, and of course, sometimes grueling! Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your endurance, increase your strength, master gymnastics or focus on bodyweight movements, Training Day Volume II has got you covered!!

Additionally, while the first book covered many of the technical aspects of training (more specifically, how to program workouts, guidelines for structuring a week or full year, how to read a typical WOD, and how to scale any workout to your unique abilities), Volume II delves into one of the most important yet underappreciated components of training: how to develop a champion's mindset.

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Strength WODs
For Time

All pre-order purchases include a 12-week Weightlifting program and a new 12-week endurance program.

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All pre-order purchases include a 12-week Weightlifting program and a new 12-week Endurance program.
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